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My wife Holly built a full body costume of Blathers, then went around Comic-Con giving fossils to people (includes some familiar faces).  I filmed the entire thing and it was adorable.  Holly’s been working really hard on her YouTube channel and it makes me super proud to be seeing her do so!  Share this one around guys :)


I really hope this has a similar outline to “Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.”  Godzilla is an alpha predator, and is awakened by the presence of Rodan escaping from its underground lair (feasting on some Meganulon who terrorized a mining company, because mine cave-ins are topical and “original Rodan origins”) but as they fight, Mothra awakens and starts storing energy to cocoon and transform (attacking a deforestation company because she needs her greens and also, guardian of earth.)  Then we find out that Mothra is awake because of the threat of outside assaults to the earth.  The space alien Ghidorah is coming, and Mothra has to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop fighting to work together and defeat the horrible three-headed kaiju.

It’s great because more monsters means more monster destruction pacing of different magnitudes.  Mothra as a caterpillar is small but still powerful and leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes like a mud slide.  Rodan is airborne and does blanket damage (making wind gales that topple skyscrapers.)  Godzilla is pretty careful (traveling by water to only make coastal damage and wrecks buildings when they’re useful for hurting enemy kaiju.)  And then there’s Ghidorah who just kills, burns, smashes, and crushes everything in its path.  Their paths would cover the globe and converge at one place of awesomeness.


Here is what I consider to be the most destroyed city in a movie: Tokyo at the end of the original Godzilla (1954)


Now, Godzilla was a villain in that film, but regardless of his allegiance, he’s almost always portrayed as a very destructive force, so we can expect a similar level of…

Yeah, but to be fair, 1954 Godzilla is an actual metaphor for the bomb, while Godzilla 2014 is all about the destructive capacity of nature. Ken Watanabe hammers that home in every scene, and that’s why we get images of flooded streets (tsunamis) and dilapidated cityscapes (earthquakes.)  Also Fukushima earthquake mirroring in the beginning.  The threat of nuclear disaster is only put on the shoulders of the humans, because we’re the monsters who actually use those things.

Also, Superman is a big jerk.  


これ最高であります。ギャレス・エドワーズ監督の『Godzilla』は、“いかにして終わるべきだったか”をアニメーションで紹介。プププw いやぁ、オチもいい感じですな。俳優さんの事をちゃんと解ってて(^^)



she didn’t get the reference x

You can taste Tom’s disgust in the last gif

"haha, good one, Mark."


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